Best known as Nightbreed [Ram Recordings] recognized by the Prodigy for the Metal Styled Drum and Bass anthem Pack of Wolves.. We recently caught up with Nigel to give us some insight into his work flow/production techniques and to give the low down on recently signing to Vengeance Recs under the alias Gristle.

What do you think distinguishes “an Artist” from just a music producer?

An artist by definition is someone who creates art whether that be music, film, paintings, drawings etc and a producer is someone who over sees the general production of a product, a producer may not always be the artist but maybe the one who gets it to the point of production, but within the genre we work sometimes in the line between the two as it is not that far apart, most of the time its one and the same.

How do you describe your Sound to people?

Eclectic – I like to create something different every day, I try to make sure I don’t make something to similar to the last thing as my drive is based on what I feel like on the day or what has influenced me that day, I’ve always been a lover of music and that’s what inspires me, my love of music spans right across the board and that’s what I try to emulate.

Do you Record your own Lyrics and other Samples?

Always if there’s a sound or a sample that I can’t find or haven’t got then the best way to get that sample/sound is to try and create it foleys and live instruments are great fun and create a real individual sound for you.

Could you give us a little bit of insight into your work flow in the studio?

Random – some days it may start with a drum or a sample or a riff maybe even a vocal or a vocal idea that is then built upon,  usually the best place to start is with a drum as it gives you a tempo to base ideas upon but it maybe a bass riff or a lead sound. I work on a throw the kitchen sink at it and then see what sits together best , the more colours you have in your palette the bigger the picture you can paint!

You’ve recently signed to Vengeance Recordings could you tell us how this came about and what tracks will be dropping under your alias on the forthcoming EP?

The Vengeance EP came about by a purely coincidental chat with the label owner Byron , my brother Malachai (Cabin Fever) had remixed a tune from Vengeance and I had been sent tunes from the label for a while, I was asked if I might have anything for the label so I sent some bits and they chose ‘Yakuza bop’ which is a swing beat tune that has some sonny cheeba samples and a kinda Japanese samurai vibe to the intro, ‘The lesson’ which is a flat out dance floor track with a kung fu sampled intro, ‘Fish get fried’ which is a track with a ragga vocal sample and a half time beat and ‘Unsettled’ which is a rolling kinda vibe featuring a local vocalist to me and very good friend Jodie Knight.

If you could categorise your tracks what style of DNB would it best fit?

I hate the idea of categorise even when I DJ.. I cover all bases from liquid to minimal rollers to jump up and hard stepping amen break stuff to jungle its the same when I produce I try not to build a fence around me in any way as I’ve said since pack of wolves (ram records) I believe drum and bass is a bpm and has always been eclectic , the influences and freedom to create what ever you feel its truly is a genre with a lot of freedom attached for you to experiment and let those creative juices flow and you should do just that.

If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be?

Probably the internet – its a fantastic thing but its made a situation where there used to be a personal touch to the scene, you got out, you went to gigs and that’s where you heard the new music its far to easy for tunes to be throw away now and easily copied and distributed without the artists getting the response or recognition they deserve as well as the financial benefits there used to be.

Do you have any advice for the next generation of music producers?

Have fun always enjoy what you do and do it for that reason – don’t give up and if you believe in it then go for it.

Do you have any other interests or talents you would like to share with us?

I’ve many interests outside of music – reading (occult books) Jiu Jitsu – Muay Thai and Krav Maga – my biggest passions are rock climbing, mountain biking, walking, camping, fishing and travelling.  When you spend a lot of time in a studio the best thing to do when relaxing is get outside, so yeah any thing outdoors is good for me. I’m also a huge star wars fan and been collecting stuff for years.

Where is the furthest gig that you have played?

I’m quite lucky that drum and bass has taken me around the world and mostly every where there is to go, so as far as you can go and back again.

Do you have any stories you’d like to share?

What happens on the road stays on the road but there is a flooded American hotel story which is quite interesting.. But you’ll have to ask me in person for the details of that one lol.

As an artist, is there anything special you hope to be able to accomplish?

Just to keep doing what I’m doing and hope there’s others that like what I do,  just being able to actually make music and be around a scene as diverse and mutating as DNB is quite a cool thing so yeah just to make music and keep loving it is good enough.

What did you do before you got into the music industry?

I had many jobs Gamekeepers Assistant – Chef – Landscape Gardner – Labourer – Stacking Shelves – worked in a record shop (Boogie Times Romford) generally whatever I could find but usually nothing that inspired me enough to hang around lol.

Lastly is there anyone you would like to Big up?

My Leanne, my family, my friends, Criz , my brother Malachai and all the Cabin Fever Natty Dubs crew, DJ Dangerous and the Ten ton crew, The Cenobites and all the US crews, Target from Canada, Byron at Vengeance and all those who represent and believe in what I do.

Interview By Missrepresent