Dialogue is the man behind the growing and successful label Integrity, which is putting out some consistently great dance floor drum and bass right now. We took a few minutes to speak to him…

Hi Dialogue, thanks for taking the time out to do our Label Feature.
No problem at all, love what you guys are pushing here at DnB Muzik.

How has 2015 been treating you?
Pretty well so far, Lots of new stuff coming out of the studio and signed some amazing music for Integrity.

Can you start off by telling us when the label launched, how and why?
I first launched Full Force Audio in 2010 with a release from Birmingham based Recluse. It was one of them things that I just lost focus of after the first release whilst trying to move myself forward as an artists. Integrity was started late 2013/ early 2014 because I wanted to be able to find new/underrated artists and expose them as much as i possibly can. There’s a lot of artists not getting the recognition they deserve these days and I am all about being integral to good music and good people.

What’s been your most successful release to date?
Sales wise 001 (Dialogue – Don’t Change/I Really Don’t Know), but for me the ‘With Friends EP’ seems to be doing just as well and the Hoogs track on there turned a few heads 🙂

Do you limit the releases to one a month or one every 6 months or is it as and when?
It is just as and when to be honest, forthcoming release catalogue is huge at the moment though so I hope to be putting something out every 6/7 weeks.

What do you think makes a good record label?
Quality control, persistence and loyalty are the key factors I have taken from labels I have worked with such as Playaz, Innerground and Radius. I think this formula and patience make a good label.

You have a lot of recognisable names on your label artists lists, do you have anyone new joining you soon?
YES! I have persuaded my long time friend Harvest to come out of drum and bass release retirement, for me he is THE most underrated producer in our genre. Equally as good T>I is working on a new EP for me also 🙂

Are your tracks available on all digital websites or are you limited?
Yes all our music is available on the usual download sites(Juno,TID,Beatport, iTunes ETC)

Are you strictly digital or do you put out vinyl?
I hate to say it but even the huge labels have problems pushing vinyl’s in to the market so Im keeping it digital, but who knows how things will pan out in the next 5/10 years in regards to technology, I for one certainly hope we take a step backwards and start a wax revolution again.

Any favourite music videos you can point us to?
Nothing of that level yet, coinciding with Harvest’s next release with us we are contemplating creating a small video though.

Do you have any label nights coming up?
Yes i am going to be launching a bi-monthly Integrity club night in Birmingham later this year so look out for that, Just did an Integrity in Geneva,Switzerland too that was cool. Switch in Vienna want to do a VS Integrity night this summer too which is exciting 🙂

Which artist on your label most inspires you?
Harvest for me stands out but everybody on my label has amazing ability to shock me with how they step up track by track. MC Busta also inspires me with his talent and positive attitude, he has motivated me and moved me forward professionally over the last 6 months, watch out for him he is destined for big things.

What’s in the pipeline?
Label nights and a t-shirt range will feature some of the worlds biggest graffiti artists who I used to go and paint with growing up, we have confirmed Birmingham based artist Korsa as our first design so look out for this by summer. Also a huge remix competition coming on your site which anybody and everybody can enter!

Any funny stories?
Many, but i would not want to embarrass myself online so I will tell an old but gold story.
When i first met Harvest in the custard factory kitchen in Birmingham he was that drunk he thought that the sound engineers rack was another room and was trying to ask me to go there with him, he continued to do various things this funny until he settled down a few years ago!

Any shouts?
Big up all the Integrity team – MC Busta, Harvest,Hoogs, T>I, Total Recall, Klay, Skore, Dr Dub, Recluse(from the Full Force days) Alpha, Nu Elementz , Voltage and of course my girlfriend Natalie who is always telling me which tracks to sign!


Integrity have a Remix Opportunity for all you budding producers check it out here : http://dnbmuzik.com/?p=5562

Submit your remix to dialogueintegrity@gmail.com before Friday 3rd July 2015 to be included in the competition.

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