History Sessions #14 – Nicky Blackmarket

Nicky Blackmarket

In my early teens like most people in the early 90’s I was listening to a lot of pirate radio as it was the best way to hear this new hardcore sound. This is where I first heard Nicky on ‘Pulse FM’ and instantly found myself cracking up, as he was the first DJ for me that brought a touch of humour to his shows. In 1992 he released his first tune ‘The Spam EP’ which came out on ‘Reinforced Records’ and from there he went on the start his own label ‘Gyroscope Records’. If you hear the intro to that first tune, then the humour will become quite clear.

It was in 92 that Nicky also took over the joint ownership of the legendary ‘BM Soho’ or as it should always be called ‘Blackmarket Records’ and downstairs is where all my DJ friends and I at the time used to go for days out on the weekend as the jungle exploded in the mid 90’s. By this time he was on Kool FM doing Super Sundays with Stevie Hyper D and as a pairing were the first names I looked for on any flyer back then with Nicky still being my favourite DJ from then till now.

This weeks set I could only do one thing and draw for a set with the late great Stevie Hyper D where from as far back as 1995 they were touring spreading the vibes across the world. So I found one in my Stevie collection from Switzerland, and it is quite clear the crowd already knew of Stevie’s famous ‘Junglist’s are you readyyyyy’ line. This is classic Nicky Blackmarket as far as I am concerned.


DNBMUZIK – History Sessions #14 – Nicky Blackmarket – Club Blunt, Berne, Switzerland – 1995 by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud