History Sessions #17 – Stevie Hyper D

Stevie Hyper D

This weekend just gone was the 17th anniversary of the passing of without a doubt one of the most influential names in drum and bass, and the first MC to be featured on ‘History Sessions’.

It can only be the late great ‘STEVIE HYPER D’

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that Stevie was and still is my  favourite person in drum and bass.. Between 1994 and 1998 I would rarely go to an event unless his name was on the flyer and only made exceptions for events like ‘Movement’ & ‘Metalheadz’. This went to such an extreme even travelled to ‘Desire’ in Manheim in Germany on a coach on my own( I met people then in 1996 that I still know today) but my main reason for going was to see Stevie in another country.

There is nothing that has been said in recent documentaries or reviews that I could say about Stevie Hyper D apart from my first sighting of him. This was in 1993 at ‘Elevation’ alongside MCMC. I always liked the MC’s from listening to Rush FM & Koollondon back then and the likes of Moose, Five-o, the Ragga twins, Navigator with MC Prince and GQ from the ‘AWOL’ events. But Stevie was different; straight away I was a fan. He went on to change the way MC’s delivered with double time chatting now as common as toast and jam. But seeing the way he delivered lyrics and rolling out catchy hooks with MCMC just stuck with me. I remember leaving the event and not shutting up about the MC’s on the train all the way home.

This weekend I was given an Exclusive set from Stevie’s nephew ‘Darrell’ who is in charge of his legacy and still keeping his voice heard by people that only knew of the name. So here is a selection of set’s as well as the documentary ‘The life & times of a junglist soldier’ which I encourage anyone who has not listened to it yet, to take time out to do so.

But the history sessions set is actually something new.. The exclusive mix CD by ‘Nicky Blackmarket’ that you get when you purchase the ‘Generation Hyper’ album available on ‘Dance Concept’ records both on CD and limited edition vinyl filled with fresh drum and bass featuring Stevie, still sounding as fresh today as ever and proving he was years ahead of his time.
Full details of how to get your copy is on the Mixcloud page.

DNBMUZIK – History Sessions #17 – Stevie Hyper D – Nicky Blackmarket – Generation Hyper Mix CD by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud

Nicky Blackmarket & Stevie Hyper D – Boots Birthday Bash 4 – Sands End Adventure, fulham – 16.12.95 by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud

The Junglist Soldier- The Life and Times of Stevie Hyper D by Matthew Gale on Mixcloud

Kenny Ken & Stevie Hyper D – Renegades, Mach One, Toronto 1998 by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud

Nicky Blackmarket & Stevie Hyper D – Telepathy – Final Step – Club UN – 6.7.96 by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud

Dougal & Vibes with MC MC & Stevie Hyper D – Elevation/Reincarnation, 1993 by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud

Andy C w/ MC Det, Fearless & Stevie Hyper D – Slammin Vinyl – Bagleys – 6.2.98 by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud

Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Clarky & Stevie Hyper D – Don FM 100.5 – Sept 94 by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud