History Sessions #18 – DJ Brockie & MC Det

DJ Brockie & MC Det

This is probably the most powerful DJ/MC duo in drum and bass and has been since they first graced our airwaves on the mighty Kool FM, now known as Koollondon.com
If you are anything like me then you will be tuning in to these 2 every Sunday night and that is how it has been since the early 90’s. Brockie has always had a way of finding or creating a selection with the roundest bass lines which have always been complemented by MC Det and his unique double time bars with his just as unique deep voice. There is no event or club in the country that has not been blown to bits by the Brockie & Det experience.
With his label ‘Undiluted Records’ Brockie alongside his label mate ‘Ed Solo’ has released some classics that all these years on could still be dropped in any dance and the crowd would be banging the walls for a reload. ‘Represent’, ‘Echobox’ and ‘System Check’ to name a few that all have their place in the archives of rave history and they all seem to sound that little bit better with Det announcing ‘”BROCKIIIIIIIIIE” over the top.
I have gone with a classic set from 1994 Kool FM that I have on tape along with many others I am sure, as it is an absolute classic from the jungle era. With the original studio line that many of the older listeners will remember straight away, 0860 business. As well as a few other classics with Det alongside Skibadee & Shabba which has always been classic combos tha we all had our fingers on the pause button for, hoping they would come together on the airwaves.

DNBMUZIK – History Sessions #18 DJ Brockie & MC Det – Kool FM/Koollondon.com – 1994 by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud

DJ Brockie w/ Det & Skibadee – World Cup Fever 98 – Stratford Rex – 23.5.98 by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud

DJ Brockie w/ Det & Shabba @ Jungle Fever, Karlstorbhf Heidelberg, Germany – 27.5.07 by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud

DJ Brockie & MC Det – Jungle Mania – Sundance Festival – Forest Farm, Ilford, Essex – 1.7.12 by Rave Archive Uk © on Mixcloud