L PLUS – Top 5


Ahead of his release ‘One Tonne Of Bass’ on Technique Recordings we asked L Plus about his current Top 5 DNB tracks and here’s what he said…

One Tonne Of Bass – L PLUS
There are few tunes every DJ has in the emergency folder, if something is happened and the crowd starts to be tired, you need to wake them up . This is one of the few tunes they can do this dirty work easily 😉

Shadows – Tantrum Desire & Matrix & Futurebound
This is the essence of the best of Tantrum Desire and Matrix & Futurebound. That’s what I like the most of both artists is connected into this tune and I really love its sound.

Arcade – L PLUS
I’m starting sets with this tune half a year! It can really pump the energy into the crowd. And of course I love that 8bit intro, which reminds me my old Commodore 64 computer.

Hypercube – The Prototypes
This guys did another great job on another dancefloor smasher. I love it for the sound and energy.

I need you here – Tantrum Desire & Drumsound & Bassline Smith
This wasn’t the ace of my dj selection until I first play it out on a big soundsystem. People really feel that dancefloor killer drop when you play it after a bunch of heavy and speedy tunes.

Check out the full EP below, you can purchase it on Beatport and iTunes.