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Mollie Collins has been playing out since May this year and is already making waves. Not only DJing, hosting her own nights and getting a successful Rough Tempo show under her belt, we touch down with her for some insights to her life and more.

Thanks for taking the time out!

You’re from Gillingham UK, have you lived there all your life?
I am from Gillingham Kent, I originally come from Maidstone, not to far from the Medway towns in Kent. I have lived in Gillingham for over 5 years now, not the nicest of areas but I can say the love from people supporting me when I play at venues all over Medway is the best. Full support from everyone in my home town and I fully enjoy playing there the most.

Can you start by telling us how you got into dnb, and what kick started it all for you?
I first started listening to drum and bass when I was about 14 years old, I enjoyed it more than any other music. When I turned 16 I then started to go to London with a group of friends on a regular basis to squat raves which were mainly drum and bass. I loved the energy and the vibes in there. However squat raves turned nasty as I’m sure you all know. So I then started going to legal raves using my friends ID. My first one would have been Ram Records at Brixton academy a few years back – close to the time when Wilkinson released Afterglow. From that day on my love for Drum & Bass particular Ram started to grow.

Have you always liked raving?
I have always loved raving, I started to go raving as it seemed like the most fun thing to do, as my area wasn’t that great for venues at the time. I have been to a lot of raves at Ministry of Sound, Fabric, Electric, Brixton academy etc. Ram Records, Andy C all night, Hospitality, Playaz nights these have all been some of my favourite nights. The music at these events compared to no other.

What set up are you on? 
I use CDJ’s 850K’s and DJM 750, Pioneer brand! I started on these decks because you cant see any wave form but they do take USB which meant I had to use ear rather then eyes to see about bars and beat matching etc. I love playing on my decks as can play them at all times! I have got used to 3 decks now & started using 4 when I can, for example Rough Tempo have 4 there and some clubs either have 3 or 4 when I DJ there which is a bonus!

Do you think the cost of DJing puts people off?
I think if you are a new DJ or want to learn then equipment is the most expensive part! You need to get the right equipment. A lot of people use controllers now days which is not bad but if you go to a club to play and get placed in front of a pair of CDJ’s you are going to have no clue! Headphones are a big part in DJing too I think, you have to have the right headphones to suit your ears and hearing, I have sennheiser HD25’s and I think most DJ’s do, that or pioneer ones! It also comes down to music, I pay on average £1 for a song of iTunes, even more for tracks on beatport, when looking at my music collection I have over one thousand songs and paid for them all apart from a couple of free downloads which is great but you have to pay for the music to get the best quality in my eyes!

You played out for the first time in May 2015. How did that gig come about? 
I played out properly for the first time in May at a venue in Maidstone called the Rafters for Drumgle – a night run by two great guys in my area. I was so nervous and it wasn’t that great of a set. Since then I worked and worked on my DJing, the way I mixed, the music I mixed and now feel confident of playing any sub genre of DNB with up to 4 decks (as I like to play all Drum N Bass from liquid to the heavy tech to even jump up now and again!)

You are playing in Belgium in November, who else is playing and what night is that for? 
Yes im playing in Belgium at the end of November, very excited for this one! I’m playing along side Lady V Dubz & MC Kiss from the UK! Lady Nikki was meant to play but because unfortunately she had some family problems she told the promoter about me to take her place which I am very grateful for. Its for an all ladies night with females from Belgium also playing!

Top 5 tunes in the bag at the moment?
Top 5 tunes is a tricky one haha I have a lot of tunes which I love to DJ and I think are great at the moment, but if I had to I would say, Audio – 2 Stroke, Heist – Moose Knuckles , Mampi Swift – Jaws, Noisa & The Upbeats – Dead limits and Audio – Break it.

Who inspires you?
A lot of DJ’s inspire me for different things, and not just in drum and bass either. The King of drum and bass Andy C, will always inspire me because of what he is doing and how he has took drum and bass all over the world and how many people love what he does. Audio inspires me for the production work he does, most of his tunes are absolutely wicked and different from other people. Jaguar skills because of he is in my eyes the best mash up DJ in the world, how he mixes through genres and he is so unpredictable its crazy.

You linked up with our DNB Muzik favourite IC3 and are now a resident for IC3 genres night. How did that come about? 
Yes so basically, IC3 , I met him when I was out on a night out, think it was new years eve last year, saw him at an event close to my area, after that I saw him at a few more and always rated him as one of the best drum and bass hosts to date. I had him on my social media accounts and then I started speaking to him about music and how I wanted to start DJ’ing etc so we kept in touch. Then I started to DJ and he linked me up with a friend of his who is in the manager side of things and he started to manage me and give me some advice etc. I also became a resident DJ for IC3 Genres , which is a brand run by IC3 which is for running nights all over the UK, these nights are fast growing and all the other residents are also wicked DJs/MC’s . IC3 and I speak on a daily basis and he has given me nothing but good advice since day one and I have a lot of time and respect for him because of it as where he is in the music scene he knows a lot more about it than me. We have had our first IC3 genres showcase booking taking place in November, that’s IC3 , 2 other MC’s that are residents, myself , DJ Kunta & DJ Chaps, 2 residents on IC3 genres. Should be an absolutely wicked showcase! At the last IC3 Genres night I had the honour of IC3 hosting my set and from when I used to go raving watching him perform and having him host one of my own DJ sets was crazy.

Who else is a resident on the IC3 genre nights?
The IC3 genres residents are myself, DJ Chaps, DJ Kunta, DJ Blair Gryls. Resident MC’s are GMC, Fluent MC and Dazman!

You have a residency at Tap N Tin, Chatham every Monday night. Can you tell us more about that? 
Yes, I do 2 hours every Monday night 12-2am at the Tap N Tin in Chatham. It is a wicked little venue with 4 rooms. I play in one but they have all 4 open on a Monday with different genres of music! The venue has a lot of potential and every Monday it is wicked to play there average of 900 people across the whole venue in every Monday. The promoter is a guy called Dean who I also help with the promotional side of things when it comes to social media. We are a good team.

You run your own drum and bass nights once a month at Tap N Tin also called ACE BASS. How long has that been running and how do you find promoting? 
Yes I try to do this every 3 weeks when possible, It hasn’t been running very long at all, I had Macky Gee down for a guest set for the first one as he’s also from around my area to, it was a good turn out for a very intimate venue. Next up is Jayline and there are 3 more wicked headliners in the pipeline to be revealed! I like doing these nights because its intimate and I can get a mix of up and coming DJ’s / MC’s to support a massive headline DJ and its always a good vibe! I only use one room which has 250 capacity and outside smoking area of 120 so I can keep it small and wicked vibes.

When is the next party and who have you got down?
The last party was on Saturday 21st November, and I have Jayline down for a hour guest set which was absolutely wicked! And I have a great support line up to, mix of IC3 genres residents and a next hype resident also! Next is Nu Elementz on Jan 2nd 2016!

You have just joint ownership of Breakology as a third party can you tell me about this?
Yes so Breakology is a event brand based all over Kent, which guys Mitchell and Dave own. They were looking for someone who would help re launch the brand and give it as much attention and for the love of music. I had a meeting with them and we discussed loads about it and we agreed that I would join them and we would work together as a team. Between the 3 of us we have knowledge in drum and bass from new to old, events from new to old, what ravers want and what they are into these days. Social media side of things all on top form also. As a team all 3 of us together bring a massive future for drum and bass in Kent and Breakology! And I cant wait to start working with these guys and seeing the outcome!

You have just started producing. What DAW are you on and what VSTs do you like using?
I use everything Logic Pro X based, loops, combined with sample packs which edit EQ’s, etc. Also sampling from various songs or even clips of videos.

You have tracks coming out next year congrats! What labels and what are the release dates?
The tracks im going to release next year will be unsigned and just released under my name! Hoping to release the first one in May 2016. And then the rest to follow shortly after!

What are you drinking from the bar?
Usually it would be Red bulls haha, if I have the occasional drink which is vary rare depending on where I am etc It would be Vodka and lemonade!

You like tattoo’s – what have you inked on you and what they representing?
I have a lot of tattoo’s, My left arm is a sleeve which im currently getting re covered, I have my nieces and nephew with my brothers names in my sleeve also and a dead woman on my left hand which is a cover up tattoo. On my right arm I have a clock representing the time I was born which I will expand on in the future.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I either spend time buying music , mixing, producing or spending with my partner!

Where do you look online for dnb news and info / what are your favourite websites?
I find most of it on Facebook really rather websites these days, but I do get emails from Drum & Bass arena, Ram records etc, as I subscribed to there email list which also tells me about new releases which is handy!

Which download store is your favourite?
Itunes is my favourite as I am Macbook based its just eaiser to get everything off there, if not Beatport if I cant find a song from Itunes.

Any favourite dnb labels?
Ram Records my all time favourite DNB label! Followed by shogun audio and Metalheadz!

Any shouts and thanks?
Shout out to IC3, and all the IC3 genres team keeping it moving & all the female DNB gang, Missrepresent, Lady V Dubz, Lady Nikki, MC Enamie, MC Kiss, Dotty, im sure theres a few more which will come back to me but yeah and all the Rough Tempo team and Management!

Thanks for your time Mollie!
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Interview by Aliina Atkinson (Missrepresent) as part of the Ladies Of DNB series.