Will Homewood, better known as MC Fatez has been hosting some massive sets in the last few months. I first caught Fatez at the Harry Shotta Show in Northampton, when he was at “We Call It DnB” at the Roadmender. It was impressive as he was double tracking Harry Shotta’s vocals, and really getting the crowd on a hype. We bumped shoulders again after a blinding set together at Innovation’s main room NYE, so I’ve asked MC Fatez for a few words on his career so far!

Thanks for taking time out!

How did the name Fatez come about?
I started out with the name ‘Fatal’ but my friends used to shorten it and call me Fatez. As I developed as an Artist more I feel like I out grew ‘Fatal’ I felt like I’d become more than that and more & more people knew me as Fatez so it felt right. It also reminds me that my fate is well and truly down to me.

Can you go back to the start and tell us how you got into drum and bass?
I’ve always liked DNB from when I was at a kid at school. But I guess that like turned into love and a passion when I started spending a lot of time on the road with Harry Shotta & the UNCZ when the hype around them was crazy and I just became more and more seduced by drums. I love the energy, the ravers, the places you get to go, people you get to meet, EVERYTHING about it. I’ve always had my own musical path but deep down I knew even back then that DNB would always play a part in my career and life.

What was your first show?
My first proper booking. Name on flyer. Money in my pocket. Was in Northampton in 2011. I remember at a UNCZ show before it MC FUN (FUNSTA) had brought me on stage and passed me the mic and gave me my first break. He then put me on his first ‘BAR RAGE’ mixtape a couple months later and off the back of that opportunity I started to get booked, the first one was a show in Northampton the same night as being part of HARRY SHOTTA SHOW for the first time. So it was a great night for me and something I’ll always be grateful for.

Can you tell us about being part of the HSS?
I’ve been part of the HSS since the beginning in 2011. Me and Harry go way back he’s like the big brother I never had to be honest and since we met we’ve shared the same love and passion for music and being the best we can at what we do and I def think that comes across in the show we both want it to be the best stage show and give the ravers an experience their never forget. Since the start of the show I’ve also developed a great relationship with DJ Phantasy and have learnt a lot from him. The amount of work he puts in to make everything happen is second to none and like Harry he’s a great person to be around. The jokes we’ve had as friends and achievements we’ve shared together as musicians are priceless.

Can you tell us about your tours and shows abroad?
I’ve been part of some amazing shows abroad & tours in the last few years. As well as performing in Belgium and Amsterdam myself last year I’ve also played all over Europe with HSS and was also part of a U.K. Tour with HSS, Charlie sloth, DJ Semtex, mic righteous & more. And this summer we had a really good summer festival run too with some big shows and crowds which I really enjoyed!

You have featured on the BBC Introducing Kent Sounds of 2015 List. How did that come about?
At the start of last year myself & Rees Beats started our own label (No Rules Music) and put together the ‘NO RULES JUST US’ mixtape which was released in June on iTunes. Too have 3 or 4 songs from the tape supported on radio over the year was brilliant and to be acknowledged for making good music by something as respectable as the BBC INTRODUCING KENT SOUNDS OF 2015 LIST is a great reward for the hard work and gives me plenty of good creative energy going into the new year.

What is next for you for 2016?
I have a few things I’d like to do musically this year. I’m very open creatively at the moment, I’m just letting it flow. Im back in studio with Erb N Dub already working on new music with Rees Beats and I’m already excited about what we’re making and how big Erb N Dub is making it sound! So there will defiantly be a new mixtape in 2016.
also want to work on more Drum & Bass music. I see Harry Shotta and guys like Azza & Grima making actual drum and bass MC songs and it makes me want to do something like that. Maybe an EP. I’m definitely interested in working with DNB producers this year and seeing what happens. I’m also overdue releasing a DNB mix or 2 throughout the year…

Who are your favourite DJs to work with?
I’ve worked with some wicked DJS already in DNB legends like DJ Phantasy at WestFest last year which was a set I really enjoyed as well as sets with MACKY GEE & BLACKLEY in 2015 which the energy levels were crazy on! I have a great working relationship with DJ COTESY too we’ve had some fire sets together over the last few years and I can’t forget the set with you (MISSREPRESENT) on NYE at innovation which had me on a hype!

Hahaha, ditto, you were awesome. I’ve done sets with Skibadee in Germany on New Years eve, Harry Shotta at festivals, Eksman at Global Weekeneders with Garry K, Mc Fun… and I can go on, but you definitely are up there with the best, you got that crowed bubbling hence why I’m talking to you now 😉 I was pretty impressed! 

So, you know mine, who are your favourite MCs to work with?
HARRY SHOTTA goes without saying really, we just bounce off each other differently in studio or on stage but also Dreps is one of my favourites to go back to back with he’s really about his bars so you’ve got to bring it or he’ll let you know if you don’t lol. Also in the past I’ve gone back to back with mcs like skibadee, shabba D, fun, who I’ve enjoyed doing sets with because the levels of barring are very high. There’s a lot of good mcs I’d like to work with in the future though including stormin, eksman, Azza & grima.

What is your favourite memory?
I’ve been very lucky really. I realise that when I try and pick just one set or moment. I’m not sure how many MCs have done the shows or played on the stages I have already at this point in their career. I guess if I had to pick one it would probably be playing main stage at westfest for the first time in 2013. West fest is just something DIFFERENT. It’s my favourite event of the year the energy in there is so exciting and the ravers just look like there having the best time it’s hard not to just jump in the crowd and join in to be honest! Lol that first time I walked out on the mainstage and introduced the HARRY SHOTTA SHOW was amazing and the set was just fire too so for me that’s probably the best set/moment so far and something that I’ll have to work hard to beat in the future!

If you could work with one non dnb producer who would it be and why?
Tough question! There’s some great producers in all genres at the minute. U.K. Wise it would probably be Splurge boys and USA Harry Fraud or 40.

What’s been your favourite club in the UK?
Another tough one! We really are lucky to have some great venues in the UK. I think my favourite is Junction in Cambridge for Warning there’s just something special about the place and the atmosphere at warning is always amazing.

And abroad?
So many to choose from again. Been a couple of really good clubs I’ve played at in Germany especially but I’m gonna say colossus for innovation in the sun. Again for the same reasons as the last question, just the atmosphere and vibe inside is special and the ravers always bring the energy in there to bounce off.

What advice can you give any MCs starting out?
The two quickest ways to get where you want in the scene. Believe in yourself. And do not give up. Seem simple.. But this game is hard, anyone telling you different is lying, there’s a lot of work and dedication that goes into all this. Also enjoy it don’t lose sight of just loving to mc and loving to bring energy and happiness to a crowd, and don’t be afraid to be you people like something new.

What are you drinking from the bar if I see you out?
EVERYTHING. LOL. But mainly grey goose and lemonade with a few tequilas in between to help me along the way.

Thanks for your time, and we shall be seeing each other later in the year. I have a feeling your future is very bright 😉

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Interview by Aliina Atkinson (Missrepresent)