Pressure Front 21/2/15 Review

Last Saturday saw another packed out Pressure Front event at Mojo Chatham. As a regular attendee of Pressure Front events, I was particularly looking forward to seeing Mind Vortex play after catching them at Fabric before Christmas and realising they were some pretty talented guys.


When I arrived on Saturday at about 11pm, the place was already heaving. I have been to all but one of the Pressure Front events, and the thing that keeps me coming back every time besides the music is the killer atmosphere. I have to journey for three hours home from university on the train for these events but I always do because I know that it’s going to be a sick night ahead and I am yet to be disappointed. Too many times I have turned up half hour into these events and found half of Medway already inside having the time of their lives, and when it is kicking out time, no one is ever quite ready to leave. A number of times we have found the lights being turned on and people being ushered out because the sun has come up but no one has noticed or cared because as long as the DJs play on, everyone’s ready to keep dancing.


Mojo as a venue is perfect for such events due to its intimate size, with the DJ booth being on ground level making it perfect for getting up close and personal to your favourite acts. The new sound system, which was installed at the end of the summer, is a much welcomed addition to the place, knocking out crystal clear sound with all the bass necessary for having a massive rave up. At Midnight, Birthday Boy Richie Weaver stepped up to push the sound system to its limits and really get the crowd riled up before Mind Vortex came on and blew them all away. When they came on to play the place was absolutely packed out and the atmosphere was buzzing throughout their set – they really did not disappoint. They were a hard act to follow but by 2am when DJ Ollie and special guest Five Alive stepped up to play, the party was still in full swing. The crowd was louder, the bass was bigger and all in all it was a perfect reception for when Methodize rocked up at 4am to play. As a regular finisher for the Pressure Front sets, Methodize knows exactly what to play to keep the crowd jumping and last week was no different. He whacked out some massive tunes that kept the crowd strong to the very end and when 5am rolled round and it was kicking out time, no one wanted to leave.


The place is always packed out with faces old and new but something that remains each time is the appreciation for the decent choice music played. The organisers are pretty sharp at knowing what we want to hear and getting it for us, and each and every time they manage to top the time before with their choice of artists. Clearly word is spreading, because every event sees more and more people turning up and I always make sure to spread the word because I know these events are something that would get my fellow ravers hooked into to coming back for more. The line ups keep getting bigger and better, with appearances from Cynatific, Brookes Brothers, Randall and Bladerunner being just a few of the big names they’ve hosted. Regulars such as DJ Ollie, Richie Weaver and Methodize never fail to impress and they always get the crowd going for when the headliners arrive and keep it lively far long after they’ve gone.


Saturday was an absolute massive start to the year for the drum and bass scene in Medway and I can’t wait to see what Pressure Front come up with next, because let’s face it, they’re only going to keep topping themselves and I can’t wait to see what other acts they’ve got in the pipeline for us this year.

The next Pressure a Front event will take place at Mojo in Chatham, Kent on 18th April with special guests DJ Brockie & MC IC3

Review by: Holly Doran
Pictures by: Stephen Coldwell
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