Rahmanee – Top 10 for 2016

As we draw closer to the end of 2016, Sub Slayers delivers its 49th release from Belgrade’s finest Junglist Rahmanee, a producer that’s high on the 2017 watch list.

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We caught up with Rahmanee to find out what floated his boat in 2016…

In 2016 I played mostly dubwise dnb sound, but, as usual,  I like to shuffle through different styles. Here are 10 tunes  I can highlight in 2016.

Sam Binga – Mind & Spirit (feat Rider Shafique – Breakage remix) (Critical Music)
This is how it should be done. Simple and big bass line with the rolling jungle drum loops over it that drops after Shafique’s perfect vocal line. Everything is in the right place !

Pa – The Only Solution (Radius)
I’ve considered this tune a classic since the first time I’ve heard it.  I think I will never stop playing it. It is a perfect example how a few basic, essential elements can still make a big tune. When I play it, I almost feel like I’m educating the youth because it shows you don’t need modern heavy synths, or huge breaks with vocals to make a great party track.

Chopstick Dubplate – Bounty Hunter ( feat Cheshire Cat – Rahmanee remix) (Chopstick Dubplate)
This is one of my tunes that I played a lot this year, and it seems that people enjoyed it. It might sound like an ordinary jump up song at first, but it actually goes well with different dnb styles in the mix.

Konspiracy – Police Officer (Jungle Citizenz Remix (Totally Dubwise Recordings)
Again, a great jungle track without any wobbling synths, kind of like old school meets new school vibes.

Protoje – Who Knows (Shy FX Remix) (Mr Bongo)
King pon the official Remix. Loving it as much as the original.

Selecta J-Man & Blackout JA – International Ganja (Born On Road)
Selecta J-man killed it with this whole EP . This one is my Favourite from it probably because of its well known reggae vocal lines.

Mc Drs – Bun Ya Too (feat Marcus Intalex,Chimpo,Strategy,Skittles,Fox,Rolla – Enei remix) (Soul:R)
Groove in this one is amazing. I play it almost in every set. Wicked dancehall intro with the smooth dnb techy drop makes madness on the dancefloor. Big tune.

Upgrade – Reload (Dubz Audio)
This track is a fat and dirty roller with a great half tempo part. I play the whole track almost every time.

Fracture  – Makin’ Hype tracks (Exit)
When it comes to half tempo oriented jungle/dnb sound, i am a huge fan of Fracture. This one is my fav for 2016.

Alix Perez / Ivy Lab – Stop It (Critical Music)
Vocal sample in this track is brilliant. This guys are foolproof combo, nothing other than sure banger can come out of this collab.