Anodyne Industries – In Memoriam EP

Artist: Anodyne Industries  

Title: In Memoriam EP

Label: Sub Slayers

Catalogue Number: SLAYER035

Available from: Juno Download

Sub Slayers returns with another epic release in the form of Anodyne Industries with the In Memoriam EP. The EP was inspired by the bereavement of Anodynes close friend and you can really feel the emotion in the music throughout.

The haunting female vocal and multitude of string synths on LH013 along with the drawn out breakdown set you up for the harsh industrial drop with a touch of amen breakage which only adds to the emotion of the track. All this combined makes for one hell of an opening track to this EP from the Californian based producer.

Reach within Strike goes even heavier and more technically intricate with haunting pads backed up long harsh heavy sounding rock influenced riff at the drop. The tune continues to build throughout with a nod to the Dubstep influences ever present in Anodynes work.

The final track in this EP She Breathes Moonlight starts with a gentle melancholy vocal laced with a euphoric synth leading up to an almighty drop which invites in a sub of gargantuan proportions.


All in all an extremely original piece, a bold move and great EP release from Jay Cunning’s Sub Slayers Label, you will not be able to stop our head from nodding and wanting more from Anodyne Industries.

You can listen to a free DJ Mix from Anodyne Industries: Sub Slayers Soundcloud