Semtex Audio Remix Competition

Create your own “Remix” of “Red Fog” written by Nu Elementz & DJ Profile on Semtex Audio by using the sounds taken from the track and building your own version of it.

Your remix can be any style that you want covering the whole spectrum of Dance Music.

To enter is simple… Just download the parts from:

The winner(s) will get their remix released on Semtex Audio, subject to contract and agreement.

The winner(s) will get a feature on the website.

So it’s as simple as that… Download the parts and get remixing in whatever music style you want.

Submit your remix to before Friday 1st May 2015 to be included in the competition.



You MUST NOT post your remix online for people to download.

You MUST NOT post your entry on your own soundcloud page. This is something the label must do.

You must send your entry to by the closing date for your entry to be considered.

The label and the artists who were the original writers of the music will select the winners.

You must not share the parts to anyone else.

You can enter as many times as you wish.

When you send your entry, it is very important that you leave your contact details so that the label can contact you to inform you if you have won.

The label retains the copyright of all the parts and your versions of their recordings.

DnB Muzik is bringing this competition to you but we do not have any say in the final track(s) selected and we are not involved in anyway with the label(s).

Any queries or entires must be sent direct to the labels email address above and not to us at DnB Muzik.

The labels decision is final.

Happy remixing!