TXC142 Top Ten December 2016

TXC142, a Southampton based Drum & Bass producer and DJ starting out in 1998 with a set of second hand belt drives and a crate of Jungle records, he soon progressed to Drum & Bass with a weekly slot on a local pirate radio station Bash FM in his home town of Melksham in Wiltshire, also playing free parties around the UK, he can now be found playing at his residency with Dropoutz, and also Gonna Be Sick and Psylance parties in Southampton. Music releases are under his own artist imprint TXC Recordings and are available through Band Camp, with several TXC142 tracks released on Dirt Lies and Audio and Break Loose Records. Influences include Black Sun empire, Roni Size, The Prodigy, John B and concord Dawn.


My top ten tracks


10. https://soundcloud.com/txc142/skanky Skanky is the first track I got signed to a label, Dirt lies and Audio Black, this is a high energy track with trance pads and leads.


9. https://soundcloud.com/txc142/awakening Awakening is from the Croyosphere EP and has couple of unexpected surprises along the way!


8. https://soundcloud.com/txc142/escape-complex-coding-txc142 Escape is one of three tracks from myself TXC142 and Scripts a Grime artist  we joined forces a Complex Coding, this is the result!


7. https://soundcloud.com/txc142/corruption Corruption is a Drumstep track from the Cryosphere EP with strings and evil twisted bass lines.


6. https://soundcloud.com/txc142/the-rebels The Rebels, from the Cryosphere EP heavy track with a gritty bassline


5. https://soundcloud.com/txc142/last-time Last Time was signed to Break Loose Records, a progressive track with leads and floating pads


4. https://soundcloud.com/txc142/zombie-town Zombie Town perfect backing track for killing zombies!!!


3. https://soundcloud.com/txc142/haunting-eternity Haunting Eternity, another progressive track where the music should represent the title.


2. https://soundcloud.com/txc142/without-you Without You is a collab between myself TXC142 and Elena, a classically trained pianist, great fun working with her on this one.


1. https://soundcloud.com/txc142/quadrant-seven and my number one track Quadrant Seven from the Cryosphere EP with strings, reese basslines, and some heavy breaks this one take you on a journey.