VA-Project 15 [Cadence Recordings]

Summer is upon us and so is the Project 15 compilation on Cadence Recordings bringing together a great talent pool from the label roster. Each track from the 15 included is named after the album.

We begin with the soothing gentle sounds of Aural Imbalance easing us in with ambient almost house music like chords set to stripped back beats. Rainforest blends far eastern sounds with rising looped sweeps and oldskool jungle aesthetics.

Entama offers a blissful intro leading into hybrid Liquid/TechStep style beats and synths. Bass Flo & Ziyal make another glorious return to Cadence with more of their trademark dream like melodic broken beats. Static delve into into the realm of timeless intelligent jungle taking their cue from the golden are of labels like Logical Progression and artists like PFM. Deep Stealth throw some heavier beats into the mix and equally deep atmosphere.

Orange N Blue continue with the tougher progression of sound on Project 15 with a similarly tough and timeless voyage into the deeper shades of the jungle sound. Intersolar picks up the tempo and for a soulful injection of up tempo positivity. Eschaton also go for a amen break roller sounding like the eye of the storm fusing dreamy progressive synths with bouncing stabbing breakbeats.

Tidal rolls in with warm amens and feel good vibes a la Rowpieces, PennyGiles et al. Sanderson Dear showcases a new emerging style of tribal style beats merging them with the chilled Cadence style for a track with real elegance. JCB & Okee both contribute with classic liquid rollers in tribute to the 90’s and the outro comes courtesy of Subverse whose track is by far the darkest with moody pads and techno influences.

Project 15 is the perfect summertime exhibition of the Cadence Recordings sound. A sound in a league of it’s own and featuring incredibly talented music makers.

Project 15 On Cadence Recordings will be out onĀ 26/08/2016