Westfest 2014 Review

As I sit here in my own dirt, I am happy reflecting on yet another mind-blowing Westfest. Over the last few years it has become famous for its exclusively unique vibes, monstrous DJ sets and hyped crowd. Every inch of the night was alive. The Slammin Vinyl team once again took a storm into the Royal Bath and West showground. People travelled from as far as Newcastle, Scotland and Wales to be part of this unforgettable tale of messiness. You like drum and bass? You like partying with thousands of people with the same one love? Then sink your teeth into this.

After cramming a battered hotdog down my throat the moment I got on site, I realised it was rave time. All of the alcohol had been demolished and it was time to get messy. As we worked our way around to the One Nation warehouse, we skimmed past the hardcore and scurried into the drum and bass. The room was packed, leaving no trace of normality, it was clear to me that this was going to be one heavy night. Mob Tactics were setting the president when we got in before I knew it, the night had fully begun.

Every set was a top of the range, first class effort from both DJ’s and Mc’s. DJ Pleasure and Evil B left nothing to the imagination with a bag full of horrendously filthy tunes, it was one of the best sets of the night. Evil B could sell milk to a cow and DJ Pleasure has got some tasty goodies tucked up his Low Down Deep sleeves. Keep it coming boys.

The night seemed to all roll into one and before I knew it, bam, SASASAS was in full force. Macky Gee, Phantasy and DJ Alpha took to the decks, leaving Shabba, Shotta, Stormin and the legendary Skibba to the mic. It was total chaos. I briefly touched back to a time when I reassured my mum that these raves were safe. I never told her about all the fire. Unbelievable scenes occurred and the night was shaping into a storm of madness, it goes without saying that the crowd-hype and lyrical flow of these men engaged this wild party to the maximum, so for that SASASAS, we thank you for your hard work and efforts.

The Harry Shotta Show was next on my list (or as I felt more appropriate at the time, my bucket list). The talented Scrufizzer joined Mr Shotta for a grime special, mixing up the flavours, it was a show that was not to be missed. If you have never seen the Harry Shotta Show, it’s time you got involved and join in with the parade. With DJ Phantasy on the decks, there was no time for messing about, Harry Shotta performed with full passion as he always and he sure did deliver an amazing display of bars.

There were many other DJ’s that took a criminal approach to the night. DJ Hazard, DJ Hype and Original Sin blessed the crowd with a tip-top range of crazy new tunes, exercising their latest dubs, sweeping the ravers off their sweaty feet in the process. There was not an inch of disappointment in any set. From the main room to the Garage Nation, One Nation and Hardcore arenas there were utterly priceless vibes. Westfest brings magic to the showground, something we intend to witness for many years to come.

Rest assured, whether you are keen to mingle with a load of half naked girls or skank your little tits off with your eyes wired shut, this is the one rave you need to get down to. Next up on the agenda, the famous Innovation in the Dam, see you out there!

Review by Laurie Charlesworth